We specialise in being able to provide a pre-hung, fully-finished door-set ready for immediate installation. This includes machining for all ironmogery and fittings.
Each door & door-set is entirely bespoke and can be specified in a huge range of styles and finishes.


Our pre-primed door-sets provide an effective solution to sites that need doors early on in the project but can be given the final finishes after other site works have been completed.
We are also able to offer doors painted to a specific BS/RAL colour  which can be a perfect solution when trying to incorporate doors into a bespoke theme.


We began trading over 10 years ago with a simple veneer press, since then we have perfected our veneering process and become a known provider of high-quality veneered doors and door sets, all hand made in our factory in Hampshire.

Today we have a state-of-the-art veneer press and CNC cutting facilities enabling us to perform many additional processes; we can seamlessly integrate additional surface protection into the leaf and frame designed to repeatedly withstand knocks and bumps that would otherwise scratch or damage a veneered doorset in time.

All veneered doors can be lacquered in our sprayshop facilities, therefore eliminating the need for further finishing processes after installation.


Our Postformed Door-sets are designed for applications where hygiene and cleanability are key factors. Regularly specified for use in demanding environments such as Research Labs, Operating Theatres and hospital circulation routes; they provide a much tougher and longer lasting solution than laminates and veneers.

We pride ourselves on the quality of finish that we can achieve with Postformed doorsets and we have over 10 years experience in producing Door-sets for the Healthcare, Leisure, and Food industries.

As with all our Door-set each can be provided as a finished article ready for immediate installation on site.


Laminate faced doors offer a high performance solution with great aesthetics and durability. With wide ranging design options available including wood-grain and solid colours at cost effective rates.
Doors can also be specified with additional protection at key impact zones to offer greater durability - often seen in high traffic areas of schools and commercial areas.
For further design options and colour choices available please get in touch.

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