As the company continues to grow in size we are constantly looking at ways to innovate and improve our systems. This also includes our commitment to the environment and protecting the planet. Our factory is located in the Hampshire countryside and we take significant measures to reduce noise pollution and harmful waste from the factory and sprayshop facilities.

We strive to ensure that the timber we use comes from properly managed forests and is procured responsibly. This is done by using accredited suppliers and checking all timber certification before purchasing.

The wastage timber we produce is recycled where possible or else burnt to contribute to heat for the factory and this minimises our use of fossil fuels.

We have over 100m2 of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our workshop, providing a renewable energy source and running our machinery and lighting, we also benefit from a feed in tariff back to the grid.

Workshop machinery is switched off when not in use and regular maintenance schedules are carried out on all tools and equipment used to avoid emissions.

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Forest Trees

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